The Perfect Imperfection

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Get ready for some day tripping, because I’ve got only a few images left from this week which are mumbling to me. Don’t try to follow any thread of thought here. You’ll just hurt yourself. The title came from an unlikely source.

I’m greeted every morning by these lovely flowers which I have dubbed The Harmonious Daisies.  Yeah, it came to me in a dream:What I like about this image is that it is flawed. It is flawed in a most perfect way. It is perfectly imperfect. As my mind careers (or careens if you’re a Yank) around iconosynclastic infundibulums and tumbles down an endless staircase of giant pickled herring, I sometimes fall upon incongruous congruities. Why does this flower make me think of humans, individuals, I mean, specifically me? Possibly is is because my imperfections seem to be perfectly suited to me. I behave erratically and improperly in manners which, observed by my friends, are perfectly predictable in the case of erratic action and perfectly excusable (in most cases, anyway) in the case of impropriety. Thus it is with the flower with the missing petal. It is a perfectly perfect imperfection. Nothing more can be said. Therefore, I shall say nothing more.

Except that this is what friends are for.

Might as well throw in a sunrise while I’m here:Actually, the astute observer might notice that the image above is simply the very centre of yesterday’s sunrise. This morning it was raining cats and dogs.

When we arrived at the office we had to wade ashore from our truck because Lake Madang was overspilling its normal banks:Our perfectly imperfect Town Government seems still unable to dig a hole. Well, what can we expect from people who apparently get paid to maintain the status quo? Hah, if only they could do that much!

To prove to you that no detail is so insignificant and devoid of meaning to escape my scrutinous eye I present to you the Mysterious Curly Thingie in the Ants’ Nest:Please to click to enlarge, please. Thank you. See it down there in the lower left under that ant’s bum? It looks like an itsty-bitsy teensy-weensy coil of rope. What in tarnation is it, for pity’s sake? I’m gobsmacked. Anybody got any ideas?

Not to change the subject too abruptly, but I’ve been harping for an office with an actual door on it for years. Since I’m one of the oldest dudes in town, and poor misguided souls sometimes reckon that I might have actually learned something while staggering through my long and adventuresome life, I end up doing a lot of counselling. Hey, I’m the only game in town. People desperate enough to seek me out prefer not to come to my house, lest they find me indisposed or otherwise unable to respond. They prefer to come to my office where, one presumes, I might be found to be more alert. On the door I have a sign which announces, “The Quack is In”.

So, having cajoled the administration into allowing me to modify the IT Dungeon, I’ began today to plan my new office with a door. I thought that you might be amused to see the miraculous state-of-the-art equipment which I used to calculate the dimensions and specifications of this complex project: I carefully measured the room and the placement of the current door and measured all of the furniture and fixtures. Then I “inputted” this data into my Architectural Design Computate-o-Matic Machine (which I invented). The results indicate that now, instead of one  door for one  office we will have five  doors for two  offices. All I can say is that my boss made me do it. She said I wouldn’t be happy with only two doors since I’d been whining for one door for thirty years, so she’s giving me five doors to head off future crying jags. She sleeps with me, so she understands me better than anyone else does.

There’s nothing like hearing someone snore all night to get you into their head.

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Madang Town Government – Identify a Problem; Make It Worse!

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It rained cats and dogs last night. Moderate by Madang standards. It sometimes rains crocodiles and pilot whales.

When we arrived at the office this morning we discovered that Lake Madang had returned. It was, of course, exactly what we expected after observing the work, or rather the lack thereof, over the last few weeks. I moaned about this back in July, showing you Lake Madang and The Big Hole in which it lives. Nearly six weeks later, the problem is simply worse. I’ll show you the “progress”.

Lake Madang

Really, it all starts here:

The drain to the sea - dig it all out!

This is the drain that is supposed to take all of the rainwater from the area and dump it without ceremony into the sea. We’ve been complaining, along with everybody else, to the deaf ears of the town management that it is plugged up. This goes back twenty years! The water should disappear into here:

Whoops, someone forgot to see if it goes all the way through

Whoops, it’s going nowhere! A few weeks ago I saw a huge character standing out in the street bossing a bunch of skinny kids with buckets and shovels. He said he had been “awarded the contract” to dig out the drain so that the lake would go away. He left all of the mud there for weeks. Finally, the mud was taken away from the sides of the drain. In our foolishness, we supposed that it was actually open. Ah, the folly of the bleeding-heart trusting liberal. Is there no end to it?

However, as you can plainly see, Madang River has no outlet to the sea, so Lake Madang just keeps getting bigger and digging its big hole deeper:

Nowhere for the water to go

At the other end of the road, we have yet another tragicomedy in the making. Yes, folks, this is how we fix the roads in Madang:

I guess THIS is how you fix it. Yes, it is finished.

First we tear everything up really thoroughly (the lids for the drain laying scattered about on the right making nice big ditches for the pedestrians to fall into). Then we dump huge piles of gravel anywhere the truck happens to stop. There, see.  It’s all fixed. It’s been fixed for about three weeks now and nobody has bothered to call the town managers to thank them. We’re such ungrateful wretches.

No, NONE of it is fixed! They just made it worse.

If it weren’t for the entertainment value, we’d be getting very tired of this silliness. The huge gap in the road that I described in Insect Authority is still there also, along with thousands of new axle-bending potholes in all of our streets. The Insect Authority ditch is now about a half-metre deep.

I don’t know if those responsible for our decaying town, once one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific, are incompetents, fools, crooks, lazy do-nothings, or all of the above.

Me – I just play the fool. The rest is too complicated.