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Having Trevor and Karen with us this weekend has been a huge blessing. First I’ll show you some of our amusements. The view from the apartment balcony reminds me of home. It’s constantly changing. In the late afternoon the sky is often gaudy with colour:Yes, that is the moon up there. I’m not feeling very chatty and that makes me unhappy, because it is a good diversion to write with the hope of amusing both myself and others. I’m going to start taking a drug tomorrow which I hope will act as a mood elevator and help to allow me to function better. Stay tuned.

I used to fly helicopters. This shot of a Bell Jet Ranger dragging an undecipherable banner below it reminded me of lifting sling loads, something which always made me very nervous:

There is a big cultural art festival on in Cairns now, so the Esplinade is crowded with people.

From our balcony we could see a bizarre parade of exhibits passing down the street. As you can see from the brightness of the lights, it was getting quite dark by the time this crazy fish came swimming along:

We all decided to stay on the balcony to watch the fireworks show. As it turned out, that was not to be. We were somewhere else when the booms began.

Earlier in the day, as Karen, Trevor and I were walking down the street we spotted a bird which none of us had seen before. I got a very nice shot of this Lapwing or Spurwing Plover (Vanellus miles).  I think it qualifies as a fairly crazy looking bird:

I Googled around after Karen found the name of the bird and was quite smug to find not a single image of it that is better than this one. Too bad about the ruffled feathers.

UPDATE: Good buddy Justin friend provided an amusing bit of information about this strange bird:

The Masked Lapwings are not plovers, although for a long time that bird pictured was incorrectly identified as a spurwing plover till …it was moved across to the lapwing family. Most locals still call it a plover, I grew up calling them plovers, but it is indeed the Masked Lapwing.

Thanks for that tidbit, Justin.

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Last night we met with our oncologist, Dr. Paul Eliadis. I suppose that the news could have been worse, but it was certainly bad enough. Eunie almost certainly has a rare type of cancer commonly called Bile Duct Cancer. It is not something that you want to have. Nobody wants to hear the word “serious” coming from a doctor’s lips, but that is how he described it. You can Google it, if you like, but I’m going to avoid doing that and take the doctors’ advice day by day. There was immediate talk of treatment options and the doctor got on the phone with a colleague in Brisbane during our extraordinarily late consultation at nine in the evening (explaining why we missed the fireworks) to get the wheels in motion for our relocation to Brisbane.

As I sat there with Eunie, Trevor and Karen in his office, I felt the planet turning under my feet. How I wish it were me instead of her.

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