Sedona Again – Montezuma’s Well

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I may flip back to Sedona on any given day. It depends on the weather here in Madang. If it’s a grey day my mind will wander.

One of the more amusing spots we visited in Sedona is Montezuma’s Well:

Montezuma's Well near Sedona ArizonaThough it looks like a big hole in the ground full of water, it’s more interesting than that. It’s actually a huge collapsed limestone cavern.  Here is another shot from a different angle:

Another image of Montezuma's Well near Sedona ArizonaI’m told that a million gallons of water a day come up from the underlying ground to feed the pool. The water is quite clear, though the carbon dioxide level is too high for fish.

There is a beautiful cliff dwelling on one side:

Cliff dwelling at Montezuma's Well near Sedona Arizona

Here is a telephoto shot of the cliff dwelling:

Telephoto shot of a cliff dwelling at Montezuma's Well near Sedona Arizona

The well is not far from Montezuma’s Castle, another group of cliff dwellings. We didn’t go there because I was more interested in the well. You’ve seen one cliff dwelling; you’ve seen them all.

The post is a little short of colour, so here are some more big red rocks:

Sedona - Castle Rock?

I think the one above is called Castle Rock – looks like to could be, anyway.

And why not a cactus flower to finish it off:

Cactus flower

I have so many images of places that I visited during my six weeks in North America that the journal is going to get a bit more confusing than usual.

Stay tuned for more randomness.

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