Water Comes Down – Water Goes Up

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I have some very amusing images from two dear friends who are guest shooters today and a couple of shots of my own. I very much enjoy featuring images from friends. I hope that I’ve given enough encouragement to readers to send me images which have spoken to them. If not, I’m issuing the invitation once again. I started this as a source of eclectic amusement and information. There is much here about Madang and our lives and interests. However, our many readers have much to contribute also. The more participation that we have, the more interesting Madang – Ples Bilong Mi  will become.

Our first shot today comes from our Hamilton, Ontario friend, Ron Barrons. Ron said that his wife treated him to a visit to Niagara Falls recently. One can only speculate what prompted that generosity. Anyway, Ron captured this stunning image of the falls through the window of their hotel room:Now, I don’t want to take anything away from the beauty of this picture. Great job, Ron. Makes me drool. However, I’m picturing Brenda’s face as Ron fiddles with his tripod and his f-stops and his shutter speed while she re-thinks the whole idea. Ron, I can only pray that you did not ask her to carry your tripod. Women hate  that! There’s an old photographers’ joke that goes like this:  A life-long English amateur photographer dies. At his funeral his wife is overheard to say, “Ah, well, it’s a pity he’s gone, but at least I don’t have to carry his bloody tripod any more.”

Here’s a lovely shot from the lovely Tracey Lee. It’s a waterspout shot at Honiara in 2006:There’s some pretty furious action there at the base. We had another waterspout from Trevor Hattersley just the other day. Nice one, Tracey!

And, now that we’ve disposed of the title of this post, we’ll move on to this crisp shot of Old Fort Niagara again by Ron Barrons:Fort Niagara is the oldest surviving building in the Great Lakes area, having been erected in 1726. It is also the oldest continuously occupied military site in North America. This looks like a long telephoto shot to me. I got images of parts of the fort area from the same spot with my Olympus SP-590UZ the last time I was up there. I nearly froze my bum off.

This morning the southern sky was wonderfully back lighting Kar Kar Island.  I had to get up on the top of the roof of my truck to get this shot. It would have been better from the top of my house, but I was to wobbly at that time of the morning for ladders:Whenever there is a lot of news about volcanoes, such as the current fracas in Iceland, we all cast wary eyes toward Kar Kar Island. It’s listed as one of the most potentially dangerous volcanoes in the world and it by no means dormant. It rumbles and smoked regularly. There was a recent report that it has erupted, but that turned out to be a false alarm.

Last for today, but my no means least, are the Two Eunice Messersmiths:The larger model on the left is my gorgeous wife. The little one in the middle is also Eunice Messersmith. Her mom, Maureen, was raised in our house by her mom, Juli who has been our haus meri  and general manager of the house for over twenty years. Juli is sort of like a daughter to us, so Little Eunice Messersmith is like a great-granddaughter. Juli came into the office to show us Little Eunice’s birth certificate, a document which few Papua New Guineans even possess. It says right there that her name is Eunice Messersmith. Go figure!

I like her very stylish pink shades. She’s gonna be trouble!

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Niagara Falls with an Olympus SP-590UZ

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I’m dead tired tonight. We went down to Niagara Falls today with our friend Brenda. I’m going to show you a few shots from my new Olympus SP-590UZ camera. It has a 26x optical zoom. I was sceptical of this when I bought the camera, but I refuse to spend the kind of money it takes to get an SLR and two or three lenses. The Olympus has good wide-angle capabilities and this fantastic, sharp zoom that is the equivalent of nearly 700mm on a standard 35mm camera. That’s a lot of zoom.  Here is a shot of part of Fort Niagara taken from the Canadian side at a distance of about two kilometres:

Part of Fort Niagara from one mile away with the Olympus SP-590 at 26x optical zoom

I wish I could easily show you the original shot. If you click to enlarge, you can see two birds flying around the top of the tower. That’s a fairly fantastic zoom lens. The shot is full frame. I’ve done no cropping or enlarging. The original is sharper yet. The file is over 12MB, so I can’t show you how incredibly detailed it is. The JPEG compression here has wiped out a lot of detail, but you can still get the idea of how great this lens is. To top it off, this camera sells for about US$400!

Here’s a beautiful, clean, well exposed shot of Eunie and Brenda in a restaurant with the Canadian falls in the background. I did have to make some minor adjustments to the exposure in the foreground and background to get it just the way I wanted it, but the image was fine right out of the camera for a vacation snapshot. I used fill flash:

Eunie and Brenda with the Canadian Niagara FallsHere is a rather unremarkable shot of the Canadian falls. Nothing fancy, but a nice tourist image:

Niagara Falls, the Canadian versionAnd here is the American falls with the Maid of the Mist chugging past:

Niagara Falls, the American version with the Maid of the MistI really like this next shot. It’s another one that shows the quality of the zoom lens on the SP-590:

Niagara Falls, the American versionIt was captured on the Canadian side looking at the American falls across the river. You could just barely make out the stairway with the naked eye. The image detail is excellent. The people on the walkways are clear and clean at the edges. The detail in the water is excellent. If you click to enlarge and look around a bit you will see three seagulls flying around. I can’t wait to get this camera out somehwere to give it a really good workout.

But, now I’m going to bed.

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