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In the nearly three decades that I’ve been an expatriate I’ve observed that people who have lived for many years away from their country of birth seem to fall into two categories. There are those who never cease to long for the ‘mother land’ and revere it. Others develop a cynical and hypercritical attitude concerning the land of their birth. I suppose I fall somewhere in between.

I do revere the memory of the land in which I was nurtured and still believe in its fundamental founding principles. However, mine is a fantasy of longing for a time long past when every social issue was not coloured in indiscernable shades of grey. Nothing seems clear. Few serious social issues seem solvable.

Of course, real Americans don’t run off for decades to a distant land and hurl dissent from a safe distance. That’s why I don’t lay claim to being a functional American any more. If I lived there, I’d be a noisy participant. Since I don’t live there, I try to hold my tongue.

Still, even through my cynicism and fear for the future, I am occasionally stirred by representations of greatness from the past. One place where you can find that in abundance is in Springfield Illinois.

I’ll not say a lot more. I’ll let you look at the images to see if any of them speak to you.

Here are the steps of the old court house where Abraham Lincoln delivered his great “A Nation Divided” speech and Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the Presidency:

The courthouse steps where Lincoln and Obama announced their candidacy for President
This is a gallery of some of the photos that I took today as Eunie and I wandered around the centre of Springfield:
I would like to mention that Eunie told me that when she was a kid in Springfield, practically nobody knew that the building on the corner was Lincoln’s law office.

I can’t leave without making a tongue-in-cheek political statement with this image:

The Capital building in Springfield, Illinois - and yes, this is a political statement
It is a shot of the Capital Building in Springfield. I was amused by the juxtaposition of the One Way sign and the ediface of political rule. Please note the obvious. The arrow is pointing left.

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