Wings, Logs, and a Sunrise

Posted in Mixed Nuts on June 29th, 2009 by MadDog
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This morning, Kar Kar Island  was all moody and sombre in the pinkish dawn light. I went back into the house to get my Olympus SP590-UZ to get a long telephoto shot of the big volcano. I came back out and climbed up on the roof of our truck to get a little more of the mountain sticking up above the trees on Kerosene Island.  As I was framing a shot, I heard the morning Air Niugini flight coming in from the east. I waited until it was directly over Kar Kar Island  and voila!

The morning Air Niugini Flight coming in over Kar Kar Island

That was surprise shot number one for today.

This next one interests me because it’s an example of an image that turned out to be more than I thought it would be:

Pacific Blue flight taking me home to Madang from Brisbane

As I was leaving Brisbane on the Pacific Blue / Airlines PNG flight to Port Moresby, I did a couple of quick snaps out the window. I don’t know what method airlines use to determine who the serious amateur photographers are and consistently seat them directly over the wing, but I hate it. So, noting my seat position, I had already decided that the flight was a dead loss, photographically. However, when I looked at the image above, it started talking to me. So, I fiddled with it for a while until I was happy with it. It is one of those images that adds up to more than the sum of its details.

This one speaks for itself:

Really smart move; selling your birthright for a bowl of soup - LOGS FOR SALE!

I suppose that somebody out there (probably someone who is making money from it) will blab on about “sustainable logging.” Would you like to try to convince me?  Have a go. I don’t mind sticking my neck out to make a prediction. At some point in the future, unless drastic cultural and societal changes occur in this country, all profitable timber will have been removed and the people once inhabiting those lands will be destitute. Why? Simple. These logs will continue to increase in value decade by decade until the pressure to sell them is too tempting to resist. It will be impossible to control. Is it possible to avoid this catastrophe? I’d say yes, but only if there is a sea change in attitude. Selling one’s birthright for a cup of soup is a long human tradition.

Okay, enough complaining. This is not a particularly colourful sunrise, but I love its symmetry:

Dark Sunrise Panorama

That’s about it for today.  Thanks to all the people who emailed, commented and left notes on my Facebook account congratulating us on our 45th wedding anniversary. I only wish I had another 45 years with her.

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Preview – The New Kid in Town

Posted in Business Announcements, Mixed Nuts, PNG Culture on November 4th, 2008 by MadDog
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I’ll have news tomorrow about the ceremony that I attended yesterday in Moresby. I’m too knackered today to write much, so I’ll show you some photos from my trip.

I had to leave on Sunday morning at 7:00 and did not get back until today, Tuesday at about 8:30 AM. All this for a two hour meeting. By the way, it’s only a one hour flight. Not all of this will mean much to folk in foreign lands, but here in Madang, it’s a contentious issue.

To whet the local appetite for tomorrow’s post let me give you a preview of the New Kid in Town. Well, the kid’s not actually in town yet. However, many of us are hoping against hope that she’ll be moving here soon:

The New Kid in Town

Of interest to those abroad might be a few shots of the cultural festivities and some snaps through my grimy airplane window of the local scenery on the way from Port Moresby to Madang.

There were several cultural dance groups performing at the celebration. These fellows were pulling out all the stops:

Dance-crazy guys

This group was a little more restrained, but only slightly:

Beat those drums, stamp those feet!

It was blazing hot next to the tarmac. The reaction of the crowd demonstrated that everyone appreciated these excellent displays of our local performance art of singsing.

In the Domestic Departure Terminal, there are a series of lovely paintings of local costumes, musical instruments, and cultural dances. Here is one of them:

One of the beautiful depictions of local culture at the Port Moresby Domestic Departure Terminal

I’m sorry that I do not have the artist’s name. I would certainly like to give credit where credit is due. If anybody knows, please inform me.

Leaving Moresby, I snapped this shot of the early morning sun’s rays glorifying the mountain slopes near the capital:

Morning sun graces the area near Port Moresby

Have you ever noticed the rainbow effect that you can sometimes see on the cloud deck? If the sun is on the opposite side of plane from you and about half-way up in the sky, you may see a circular rainbow:

A circular rainbow

It is usually most visible if you are close to the clouds and the upper cloud surface is fairly smooth.

Approaching over Astrolabe Bay, we see sleepy Madang in the morning sun:

Approaching Madang over Astrolabe Bay

Nearly at the end of the runway, I snapped this shot of our house:

Our house (click to enlarge)

Where, you might ask?

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge it. Look for the large orange-brown pile of wood chips in the middle of the frame. Look to the left a bit and down. You will see a silvery-roofed house. You might also make our Faded Glory sitting at the dock in front of the house and our red Nissan truck in the yard.

Casa MadDog welcomes you any time.

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