Stop That Praying!

Posted in Mixed Nuts on March 25th, 2009 by MadDog
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I hadn’t hopped over to Lower Ramu Bible Translation Ministry for a few days.  Look what I missed!

You’re a guy looking for a wife and your sister is looking for a husband (possibly desperately)? We have the answer to your problem – Sister Exchange!  (No, dudes, you can’t use this to trade your pesky sister for a nicer one.)

Those Tarzan movies show fantastic communication by drum signals. Is it true? How does it work?

And, my favourite, the hideously self-righteous and notoriously pushy European Union wants Papua New Guineans to STOP PRAYING, at least when the EU is listening. Whether you are a believer or not, you’ll laugh out loud at the irony in this article.

If you are wondering about the strange missionary from the Lower Ramu River, here’s a shot of him cleaning the bottom of his 30 foot sail boat, Stap Isi, on which he, his wife Kathy, and the ship’s cat, Dory, sailed all the way from Moline, Illinois, down the Mississippi River, and across the Pacific Ocean   to get back to work:

Kyle Harris - my boss's boss

Now that’s a commute!

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