Sedona Again – Montezuma’s Well

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I may flip back to Sedona on any given day. It depends on the weather here in Madang. If it’s a grey day my mind will wander.

One of the more amusing spots we visited in Sedona is Montezuma’s Well:

Montezuma's Well near Sedona ArizonaThough it looks like a big hole in the ground full of water, it’s more interesting than that. It’s actually a huge collapsed limestone cavern.  Here is another shot from a different angle:

Another image of Montezuma's Well near Sedona ArizonaI’m told that a million gallons of water a day come up from the underlying ground to feed the pool. The water is quite clear, though the carbon dioxide level is too high for fish.

There is a beautiful cliff dwelling on one side:

Cliff dwelling at Montezuma's Well near Sedona Arizona

Here is a telephoto shot of the cliff dwelling:

Telephoto shot of a cliff dwelling at Montezuma's Well near Sedona Arizona

The well is not far from Montezuma’s Castle, another group of cliff dwellings. We didn’t go there because I was more interested in the well. You’ve seen one cliff dwelling; you’ve seen them all.

The post is a little short of colour, so here are some more big red rocks:

Sedona - Castle Rock?

I think the one above is called Castle Rock – looks like to could be, anyway.

And why not a cactus flower to finish it off:

Cactus flower

I have so many images of places that I visited during my six weeks in North America that the journal is going to get a bit more confusing than usual.

Stay tuned for more randomness.

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The Amazingly Fertile Mind of Dean Chetwynd

Posted in On Tthe Road on June 17th, 2009 by MadDog
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I’m going to be flicking back to my adventures in North America now and then, because I still have stories to tell and images to show to you.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the strange and wonderful world of Sedona, Arizona artist Dean Chetwynd:

Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd
Just across the street from Avatar Tat2 where I got my latest skin art, is an alley with a little sign that says “Art Show”. As you step into the alley, the world tips a little to side; things get a little weird.

Turn the corner and you’ll be greeted by Dean sitting on his rickety lawn chair with a big wooden stick in his hand. He seems attached to the stick. He is surrounded by his art:

By Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd
It’s a little difficult to describe his style. It combines so many techniques and media that it defies classification. The themes are religio/political in the extreme:
By Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd - Jan Messersmith
To say that Mr. Chetwynd’s mind is fertile would be wild understatement. I couldn’t get him to talk much about his work. He did say that he was concerned that the great powers of the world (especially the USA) were, “determined to make Old Testament prophecies come true.”:
By Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd
That gave me a bit of a chill as I walked around snapping a few of his more spectacular works. He puts an incredible amount of detail into each piece. Inspecting one of his boards is akin to listening to American Pie and trying to figure out what the lyrics mean:
By Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd
He doesn’t talk a lot. I suppose he is very weary of gawkers who come to look and don’t buy anything. He said that he wasn’t looking for much money, but he wanted to get his stuff out into homes where people could look at it. I can certainly sympathise with that notion, considering the amount of time that I spend on this journal:
By Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd
I told him that I would love to buy several of his works to take back to Madang with me (I KNOW that we could appreciate them here!). Unfortunately, I told him. I was unable to do that because I did not have time to build the crates and arrange the shipping. It didn’t seem to matter to him:
By Sedona, Arizona artist, Dean Chetwynd
I could have spent a couple of hours there studying the bizarre symbolism in his images, but I had an appointment with pain.

If you get to Sedona, check this guy out. Buy something from him. Make him happy. He seems somehow to deserve it.

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Goodbye to Sedona – For a While

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I have to get on a plane to NYC in a couple of hours, but I wanted to do another post on Sedona’s scenery before I tear apart all my gear and put it in my backpack.

Yesterday evening we did one last swing around Sedona to get some images. The weather was perfect. I’ll have more to show later, including some panoramas, but for now there are a couple that I’m particularly happy with and I can’t wait.

I got a little crazy shooting through the open window of Grace’s car with the fill flash on. There are a whole series of them, but here is one that I like best. This is what it’s like riding around in a car in Sedona. Everywhere you look you see:
One of Sedona's masterpieces through the window of Grace's car

I get a little sentimental about this next one. I don’t know if I’ll ever see Grace again. She and Eunie have been buddies since they were four years old. I’ve known Grace for nearly 47 years. It’s always hard for me to part with friends, but this one is more so than usual.

Here are Grace and Eunie admiring one of Sedona’s masterpieces:

Eunie and Grace admiring the view in SedonaI won’t say goodby to Gracie or Sedona. Instead, I’ll say, “So long.”


A Busy Day in Sedona

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It’s been a busy day in Sedona, Arizona and I’m completely wasted. I’m going to bed in a few minutes.

First I’ll show you a few teasers for posts over the next few days.

This is what our friend Grace sees out her front door every morning:
Bell Mountain - Sedona, ArizonaI’ll have plenty to say about the scenery later.

Next we took a short bush walk (maybe three minutes) at the golf club:

A bush walk at the golf course

No, the rocks aren’t painted. They really are that red.

Later we visited an art gallery in an alley. The work is astonishing to say the least. I wish I could get some the pieces back to PNG. More on this later:

Expanded Consciousness Art

Finally, I went for my first dose of pain for the Reef Scene tattoo:

Going for the pain

More to follow when I regain consciousness.

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