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Posted in Mixed Nuts, Photography Tricks on January 20th, 2009 by MadDog
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The garden was busy this morning. Everybody was hungry. This spindly looking spider was laying in wait for a tasty bug:

A spindly spider

Here’s a Microsoft Photozoom rendition of him:

Here’s a different kind of spider on the same kind of flower:
Green spider laying in wait for breakfast One thing that I’ve noticed is that, no matter how many of these flowers are blooming in my garden (sometimes hundreds), about half of them will have a resident spider.

I went a little crazy shooting this caterpillar. I don’t often show four images of the same thing on a post, but I’ll make an exception this time:

Caterpillar on Curry Tree branch In the shot above, I like the way the sun slings the spiky shadows of the caterpillar’s horns on the leaf. The lower leaf is on a Bird of Paradise plant and the one that the caterpillar is crawling on is from a Curry Tree. (Yes, the leaves of a Curry Tree do taste like curry – sort of.)

Charlie, our security guard, is always on the lookout for interesting items for me to photograph. He enjoys the hunt and likes to observe as I shoot what he has found. Many of the creepy-crawlies that I’ve shown from my garden were discovered by Charlie.

Here’s a shot from the side with the sun behind me. The feet are very interesting. They are quite pudgy and remind me of spats – if anybody out there remembers what they  are:

Hungry caterpillar

The poor little critter (about 3cm long) became very confused because the twig on which he was crawling was only about four times his own body length. He went to one end and turned around, then crawled vigorously to the other end. There he found once again that he was at the end of his world and turned around again. Finally, he stopped for a minute in the middle of the twig and made another turn:

Confused caterpillar

The image above nicely shows his cute little feet.

Here’s one final image of the caterpillar going back the other way on the underside of the twig:

Caterpillar on a mission

In the image above you can see the tiny thread of silk that he trailed behind him during the entire horrifying experience.

When we were finished shooting him, we transported him safely back to his Curry Tree. Charlie said he would see if he could discover where it will build its cocoon. He wants to know what kind of butterfly or moth will be produced.

Charlie is a very curious fellow.

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