Little Surfers and the Butterfly Done Right

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Since I turned over my spare Olympus SP-590UZ, which I purchased by mistake (always double-check your quantities) from to my friend, Trevor Hattersley, he’s obviously been practising. I also suspect that he may have actually read the manual, which, to my knowledge, would be an all-time first for him. Anyway, this morning this showed up in my email:

A butterfly feeding on a hibiscus by Trevor Hattersley

You may remember, from a few days ago, my feeble attempts to magically transform some horribly botched butterfly shots into “art”. I don’t think that I fooled anyone but myself. The true irony of all this is it is the exact same butterfly! Trevor had pointed it out to me. He had the Olympus with him and I had mine, which was identical. What I demand to know is HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? It’s downright embarrassing.

Okay, on to something that distresses me less.

It’s still a bit breezy here in our belated dry season. The kids were surfing along Coronation Drive again today. I stopped for a few minutes and got some better shots than I did the other day. Have a look at these little guys zooming in on those little pieces of plywood. They were getting nice long runs too. Also check how shallow the water is:

Kids surfing along Coronation Drive

Where ever there are surfers, there will be surfer girls. Madang is no exception. These young ladies have found themselves a beautiful perch right in the middle of the action:

Surfer girls about to get wet

Observing the wave train coming in, I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more until . . . Yes, the inevitable big one came along and gave them a good soaking. I haven’t heard such giggling since high school:

Surfer girls getting very wet

What fun! The shot isn’t perfect; I don’t know what went wrong. But sometimes when the technology (or the operator) fails, the result is still quite pleasing.

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If you Google define: hodgepodge one of the definitions that you’ll find is “a motley assortment of things”. That’s what you’re getting today. By the way, I’ve found that a lot of people don’t know that you can play with Google in that way. If you start your Google search with “define:” (without the quotes) and follow it with a word, it’s the quickest way to get a definition of the word. There will always be a selection of definitions from several sources. Here is a link to a Google page containing many special search features.

Enough of that – on with the hodgepodge.

We had another of those clear-sky sunrises this morning. It was distinctly unexciting. There were only a few strange, wave-like clouds in the north-west:

Ho-hum sunrise

If I remember my meteorology rightly from my piloting days, these high-altitude wavy clouds indicate huge turbulence. I wouldn’t want to fly through that.

I did manage to get another nice shot at my neighbour’s haus win. As with the last one like this, you can see the Flying Foxes over Madang Town:

Flying Fox Sunrise

They come in from the bush every morning by the thousands. It’s easy to hear their screeching across the harbour.

I haven’t been diving much lately. I’m suffering through a severe shortage of dive buddies. I don’t know how I’m going to fix that. If I don’t come up with some new divers soon, the Saturday morning dive will be a thing of the past. A couple of weeks ago I got this shot of the “Ice Cream Cone” coral in Kranket lagoon:Ice Cream Cone Coral at Kranket Island

And this Sailor’s Eyeball, the largest single-celled organism on the planet. This one was about the size of a golf ball. The entire organism is a single algae cell:

Sailor's Eyeball - the largest single-celled organism in the planet

Yesterday, I found this beautiful purple anemone on the big reef just west of Kranket Island:

A beautiful purple anemone

There was a bit of surge on top of the reef. The tentacles were waving like Medusa’s hair.

Speaking of surge, we’ve had some very rough seas lately as our belated dry season seems to finally have arrived just about in time for it to be over. Over on Coronation Drive, some boys were surfing on the waves:

Kids surfing on Coronation Drive

They were getting excellent runs on little rectangles of plywood. Some boys were getting runs of nearly a hundred metres.

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