Mystery Object of the Month

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Oh, the sky was looking mighty fine when I got up this morning. Made me feel nearly human:

Sunrise Panorama

But, let’s get down to business. I told you before that I was invited on an Australian warship after taking a couple of sailors out fishing. I took only one photo while on board. In one of the main control rooms where the ship’s technicians hang out, there were two little stainless steel objects attached to a railing on the ceiling of the compartment. I asked about the curious devices and was told that they are little floats with magnets on the end. They float in a fluid filled chamber close to a sensor and the position of the magnet indicates the level of the fluid. Clever, eh?

Mystery objects found aboard an Australian warship

But, that’s not the interesting part. When not busy doing their normal work, they are put to another very important task involving the morale of the entire crew. When two spares are hung side-by-side as you see here, the configuration takes on a  special title. I wonder if you can guess what they are called. Sorry, there is no prize for the correct answer. It’s too easy to just examine the file name when you look at the bottom of your browser while your mouse is hovering over the photo. Personally, I think it is very funny. Your mileage may differ.

We have plenty of these flowers in my garden. I think they are some kind of daisy. I do particularly like the colour. Only yesterday, I showed you a white blossom that was just beginning to open.

Magenta daisy

By the way, these are the “Harmonious Daisies” that we planted in anticipation of the visitation of Swami Monty.

As I sat on the steps leading up to my veranda this morning, looking around for tasty fodder for my camera, I spotted this grumpy crab sitting on a Pandanus leaf. It’s usually difficult to get close to them. They are quite skittish. This one held fast while I captured him for you:

Grumpy looking crab on a Pandanus leaf

The detail on the crab is pretty nice, if you care to click to enlarge.

This shot is actually my favourite of the day. I like ants – as long as they stay out of the house. They are so inspiring. Busy, busy, busy.

Nevertheless, they always have time for romance. I’ve written about ants falling in love before:

When ants fall in love

I’ve also warned the world about the hideous plot by the Ant Body Snatchers to steal all of our precious ants. As if that’s not enough (you can never do enough for ants – nag, nag, nag), I’ve told you about Muli Ants and the effects of Weird Gravity.

After all, who would you rather have cleaning up after you, ants, or cockroaches?

For my parting shot, let me inform you that there is someone (Jungle John) who actually holds the Guiness World Record for lying with live cockroaches.

Yes, kiddies, it is sadly true. He is also one the few human beings to be eaten by a balloon and survive.

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Permission to Come Aboard

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Eunie was in Port Moresby last night. I fell asleep at about 20:30 and woke up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at about 01:30. Not being inclined to stay up the rest of the night, I took 5mg of good ol’ vallium and went outside with may camera and tripod to wait for the pill to knock me out.

The night was clear and calm. Everything seemed all sparkly and bright. Faded Glory looked peaceful sitting at the end of her dock. I took her picture:

Faded Glory sleeps at her berth

It took a fifteen second exposure to get this shot. It required very little processing with Photoshop to clean it up. I next turned my attention to a container ship across the harbour from our house:

A ship across the harbour from our house

Having gotten a solid night’s sleep, I picked Eunie up at the airport. On our way the the office, I spotted a familiar ship out on Astrolabe Bay:

Royal Australian Navy Survey Ship (before Photoshopping)

The photo above is what came out of my camera – a Canon G9 shooting in the RAW mode. It’s interesting compositionally – I used the Rule of Thirds – but otherwise, it stinks. It’s flat and lifeless. With Photoshop CS4 and about 10 minutes stolen from my work day I had this:

Royal Australian Navy Survey Ship (Photoshopped)

Ahhhh, much better!

The ship is one of two Royal Australian Navy Survey Vessels that have come up here to do detailed charting and data collection in Astrolabe Bay. I took a couple of sailors from one of the ships out fishing a week or so ago and they invited me aboard that evening for the grand tour. Check out the HMAS Mellville. We get a surprising number of interesting ships in our harbour.

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