Terrorist Mouse Delays APNG Flight from Cairns!

Posted in Humor on June 16th, 2009 by MadDog
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Having received a mysterious message from Eunie on my Facebook wall that her Airlines PNG flight had been delayed by a mouse, I jumped on the phone immediately to call the operations manager. Attempted hijackings by terrorists call for quick and decisive action.

Beady-eyed terrorist

I was much relieved when the fellow told me that the situation was under control. He did not know if the mouse had yet been aprehended, but he said that all passengers had been transferred to an Air Niugini flight and my precious woman should arrive safely and on time this afternoon.

That is, of course, if the Flying Foxes cooperate and stay away from the runway long enough for the plane to land. Yes, it is a precarious world in which we live.

By the way, Airlines PNG’s quick action and merciful treatment of their passengers seems to me to require some congratulations.

UPDATE: Eunie tells me that the pilot, upon opening the door of the aircraft, was staring into the beady eyes of the mouse. He had to report it or risk loosing his job. What if someone else saw it and reported it? What if it were discovered over the Torres Straits and PNG wouldn’t let the plane land and neither would Australia. The plane was taken to Australian quarantine services to be de-moused. This is a tricky task, because the mouse must be captured alive. If it dies somewhere on the aircraft, it has to be disassembled bit-by-bit until the tiny terrorist carcass is found.

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