Road Trip!

Posted in Mixed Nuts on December 14th, 2008 by MadDog
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The next few days’ posts are going to be short, because I’m not really here. I’m out on Miss Rankin diving the east coast. I should be back on the 18th. I’ve prepared some brief posts that might amuse you a little until I get back. They’re short, because I only had one day’s notice to get ready to go. That means I had to write eight posts in one day.

Poor me.

Last year I had one of my rare field trips to the bush. A co-worker needed some assistance to visit a group of translators that have fallen on hard times. I think that Chris reckoned that having a “white beard” along couldn’t hurt. The reference is to that of a man who has the stamina to stay alive long enough for his beard to become white. That gains you much status in Papua New Guinea.

Anyway, there had been a lot of rain the day before. I thought you might be interested to see what a fairly ordinary drive through the bush is like.

What you see in front of the car is a road of sorts. It’s now covered by about half a metre of raging water:

Flooding on the Tiap road

Here’s more water coming from the side:

More water coming frmo the side

This is what we really needed instead of a Nissan Patrol:

What we needed instead of a Nissan Patrol - a Water Buffalo

I took these shots on our second attempt to reach Tiap Village. You don’t want to know about the first attempt.

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